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Trash pollution is a important environmental issue today that affects sea and land habitats. Everyday more and more of produced or manufactured products contain toxic chemicals heavily impacts the public health and environment. Over the years, the amount in trash has significantly increased,  and because of this they are burned giving off odors and toxic gases. Ultimately, many creatures and people are affected to the worst extent.

Well, this is the reason that Econewleaf choose to produce biodegradable products to reduce economic issues like non degradable trash, also we believe more and more people will join us because this suit the development direction of the society, and are the best substitutes for the traditional plastic products.

Econewleaf provides wide selection of biodegradable and compostable cutlery, PSM utensils, biodegradable lunch boxes, food containers, trays and plates. Custom design, color, and package acceptable.

Also we always welcome new ideas to generate wider application of products to protect our planet and reduce plastic use.

Located at Chaozhou city, Guangdong province, Econewleaf can enjoy a transportation convenience with nearest sea ports at Shantou, shenzhen and Guangzhou. Also with total more than 4,000 square meters factory facility, Econewleaf always has the ability to expand and meet customer's increasing order qty.



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